Friday, February 12, 2010

Ashland XIII Concludes

Thirty two players compete in Ashland XIII with Keith Eubanks (2006) finishing in clear first! Joerg Lohse (1847) defeated George Morton (1654) to finish in second and Robert Folts (1685) scored the win over Steve Boshears to split the U1800 prize with Erik Murrah (1643).

In the Amateur Section there was a log jam at the top as Ralph Buske (1402) defeated Craig Patton (1136) and Birney Blind (1160) took the point from Ben Caiello (1365) to join Mike Mayfield (1391) in a three-way tie for first. Ben Caiello (1365) took home the U1400 prize. Drew Plyler (1246) scored a last round win over Mike Meekins (1102) and Daniel Smith (1121) escaped with a draw against Cody Kyzer (933) in the sections other games.

Dan Caiello (1072) defeated Rod Lytes (234) as Shiva Balasubramanian (1003) won over Marty Anderson (775) to tie for first in the Reserve Section. Christian Dunlap (770) defeated Erik Anderson (467) to claim the U1000 prize.

The final crosstable is HERE.

Next week is Ashland Quick XVI.

The Club Match with Queen City is tentatively scheduled for May 15 here in Columbia. I'll let everyone know when the date is firm.

This match starts next Monday and is being held here in South Carolina. The games will be broadcast on the Monroi site. They have set up a guest login if you do not have an account. If you enjoy playing the Sicilian be sure to watch the games! Check HERE and HERE for more details.

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