Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ashland XIII - Round 4

Twenty players battle in the Penultimate Round of Ashland XIII. Keith Eubanks (2006) took control of the Open Section with a win over Joerg Lohse (1847) Erik Murrah (1643) outlasted George Morton (1654) and Steve Boshears (1634) took the point from Adam Shaw (1515).

Mike Mayfield (1391) defeated co leader Craig Patton (1136) to move into clear first in the Amateur Section. Ben Caiello (1365) scored the win over Cody Kyzer (933) to move into second and Ralph Buske (1402) settled peacefully with Birney Blind (1160). Richard Watts (1253) won over David Gongre (1003)

In the Reserve Section, Shiva Balasubramanian (1003) took down leader Dan Caiello (1072) to create a tie at the top going into the final round. Marty Anderson (775) was victorious over Christian Dunlap (770) and Rod Lytes (234) won over Erik Anderson (467)

The Final Round is Thursday, Feb 11.

Good luck to everyone heading over to Charleston for the Snowstorm Special this weekend!

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