Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ashland XIV Round 4

18 chess-aletes competed in Round 4 on Ashland XIV.

In the Open section, Robert Folts(1691) and Paul Farb(1930) settled peacefully with a draw, as did George Morton(1633) and Joerg Lohse(1799). Steve Boshears(1616) defeated Ralph Buske(1425) to round out the section.

In the Amatuer section, Ben(1360) andDaniel Caiello(1135) ended peacefully in a draw, in a well played game. Birney Blind(1307) defeated Daniel Smith(1171) with the white pieces and Thomas Sylvia(unr) defeated Mike Meekins(1131) for his second rated win. Shiva Balasubramanian(1076) and Richard Watts(1234) ended in a draw. Jaime Sanyer(1032) claimed the point vs Jonathan Bundy(unr) and Mark Acklie(972) won vs Christian Dunlap(771).

Final Round of Ashland XIV is on May 20th at 7:30 pm.

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