Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ashland XVI - Round2

Ashland XVI continues with 18 competitors vying for position on the cross table.

On board 1, Fearless Daniel Caiello(1378) fought valiantly vs co-leader Paul Farb(1917) finally succumbing to the higher rated player. The open section forced new faces on board 2 with Ben Caiello(1438) defeating Birney Blind(1315). Joerg Lohse(1790) returned to his winning ways by defeating Thomas Sylvia(1038). Adam Shaw(1578) held the draw vs up and comer Cody Kyzer "Sose" (1011) and his stout Caro-Kann defense. Mike Mayfield(1377) blitzed out the win vs David Gongre(999). Craig "The General" Patton's pawn on the 7th was oh so close but no cigar vs George Morton(1680). The ambassador of chess, Erik Murrah's(1657) English attack arrived before Mike "not so meek" Meekins' Sicilian did, ending with the higher rated player claiming victory. In a hard fought game, Steve Boshears(1614) claimed victoy against Jaime Sanyer(989). In a rook and pawns vs bishop and pawns endgame, Ralph Buske(1412) proved the rook too powerful for Shiva Balasubramanian's(1168) bishop.

Round 3 commences on Thursday Aug 12th. Registration ends at 7:15.

On Aug 19th, we will take a break from the tournament and IM Alexander Matros(2450) will give a presentation and simul exhibition at a $10 entry fee.

Early registration for The Columbia Open ends August 13th, Register Here.

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