Monday, September 27, 2010

Ashand XVII Round 2 results

Round 2 of Ashland XVII was a great night to be at the Columbia Chess Club.
There was a chess buzz in the air with twenty-two competitiors in the tournament and others in the skittles room playing king of the hill in Game 5 blitz.

On board 1, newcomer to the club, David Vetterlein(1805) defeated Paul Farb(1903) to take a share of first with 2 points. On board 2, Shiva Balasubramian(1190) defeated Richard Watts(1160) to also rise to two points in tournament. Paul King(1863) defeated Daniel Caiello(1365) on board 3. In the only draw of the night, Erik Murrah(1654) and Mike Mayfield(1390) agreed to disagree to a degree. Ben Caiello(1417), with the black pieces, defeated Ralph Buske(1470) and Craig Patton(1205) defeated Drew Plyler(1207). David Boyd(1089) defeated Mike Meekins(1035) and Jaime Sanyer claimed the point against newcomer Mark Woodman. Christian Dunlap(754) claimed victory against Emilio Garrido(700). Daniel Smith(1148) claimed the point against tough competitor Birny Blind(1298). In the largest upset of the night, "Mr. President" David Grimaud(1688) defeated the powerful Keith Eubanks(2022). See Below.

Come join the fun for round 3 on Sept. 30th 2010.

Registration ends at 7:15PM, email,call or text to be included in the pairings.

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