Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ashland XVII Round 3

We had 12 competitors come out for the glory in Round 3.

On board 1, Paul King(1863) defeated David Vetterlein(1805) to stay in first place with 2.5 pts. Paul Farb(1906) defeated Mike Mayfield(1390) and Daniel Caiello(1365) claimed the point against Mark Woodman. Erik Murrah(1654), slogged it out with Ben Caiello(1417), to claim the point. James MacDougall(1940) returned to the club to win versus Birney Blind(1298). Rounding out the regular games Christian Dunlap(754) and Craig Patton(1205) split the point. In an extra game, Keith Eubanks(2022) and Paul Farb's(1906) game ended in a draw.

There are two rounds left for this tourney. Remember there are class prizes so every round counts. You aren't out of the prizes until its over. So come out and move some wood around.

Round 4 is Thursday Oct 7th.

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