Saturday, October 30, 2010

BUSY Casual Night!!

Around twenty chess enthusiasts came out for some "Stress Free" Chess on Casual Night. Our first Bughouse Tournament saw seven teams entered and do battle for six rounds. When the dust settled and the confusion stopped Philip Lamby & Russell Thurmond finished tied with Paul Farb & Ben Caiello for First Place with five points! Donny Gray & Mason Wiest used a second half charge posting three straight wins to climb into Third Place with four points.

Six rounds of Bughouse wasn't enough to fill the need for speed tonight as eight players continued on in a three minute, double round robin Blitz Tournament. Donny Gray finished at the top of the crosstable with an amazing 11-3 record!! James MacDougall scored five points in the last three rounds to pull into clear second with 9.5 points just ahead of Philipp Lamby who finished with 9 points.

If you missed this Casual Night you missed a Fun, Fast and Exciting one!!

Next week, Thursday, Nov 4 begins Ashland XVIII. This will be a Two Section tournament and our final weekly tournament of 2010. We plan to start broadcasting the Top Board again with this tournament. Here are the details:

Five round Swiss. Two Sections. One round a week for five weeks. Entry fee $3 a round for club members, $5 a round for non-members. One bye allowed, No last round byes. You do not have to play every round. Play when you can!

Rounds start at 7:30. Game 90

Open Section First Place $35, Second Place $20, U1805 $15 U1605 $15. Club members with a floor of 1800 receive free entry, $10 will be deducted from any prize won.

Amateur Section (U1505) First Place $35, Second Place $20, U1205 $15 U1000 $15.

Perfect score (5-0, byes do not count) wins free entry into a Cola Club tournament

Registration ends at 7:15. You can also register by emailing by Wed night before each round or by calling or texting the Chief TD by 7:15.

Chief TD: Halliday

The 71st South Carolina Championships start THIS Friday, Nov 5. You can take advantage of the pre registration discount by registering at the club Thursday. There is also a $20, trophy only registration available. Check the SCCA site for full details.

Get out and Play!!

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