Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There was NO Refutation - James MacDougall

It’s been a while but I’m still here, and the game of chess leaves many a story to tell. I chose this game because it is a variation I’ve used with nothing but success against an opening I used to struggle with: The Bird.

It was the week after Thanksgiving, and I knew who I was going to be playing, and what color I would have about 2 weeks in advance. I also knew that he almost religiously plays 1.f4 with the white pieces, so I had 2 weeks to prepare my game. In fact, the only time I have witnessed my opponent stray as white was against me, on a day where once again I “prepared” for 1.f4 when to the surprise of everyone there, he triumphantly opened with 1.Nf3.

Before this game (before my opponent arrived) I was discussing with Bob Halliday and Dan Smith the possibility that he might try that again, considering his success with it and his lack of success with The Bird against this system. When he in fact opened 1.f4, I knew that either
a) He had finally done his homework and was ready to put this line to the test, or
b) this was going to be an early night, and I could go home and rest. I expected and was hoping for the latter, as I was not feeling well. I would not be disappointed.

The game proceeded
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