Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gray & MacDougall take Ashland Action!!

Donny Gray (2082) & James MacDougall (1947) finish tied for first with 3.5 points at Ashland Action!!

Fourteen players played their last rated games of 2010 at Ashland Action this week. Donny Gray defeated Shiva Balasubramanian (1267), Erik Murrah (1677) and Philipp Lamby (2206) before agreeing to a draw with James MacDougall (1947).

MacDougall defeated visiting Mike Boone (1218) from Greenwood, Adam Shaw (1605) and Klaus Johnson (1846) on his way to the final round showdown that didn't decide first place. This tournament finished off a strong year for MacDougall who is on the fast track back to Expert after winning a whopping 85% of his games at the club this year and lifting his rating up to 1993.

Philipp Lamby (2206) and Paul Farb (1935) finished tied for third with 3 points.

Craig Patton (1193) and David Boyd (1155) tied with 2 points to claim the Under prizes.

Next week, Jan 6, Ashland XIX, Team Challenge II begins.

Happy New Year!!

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