Saturday, January 29, 2011

Knight Riders move to 4-0 with One Round to go!!

The Knight Riders moved to 4-0 in convincing fashion as they scored their second sweep in a row defeating the Barnwell Board Busters 3-0! Ben Caiello (1487) scored the upset on Board 1 over David Vetterlein (1817). Dan Caiello (1436) defeated Mark Woodman (1045) and Shiva Balasubramanian (1267) took the point from Roger Allen (UNR) and is the last player with a perfect 4-0. The Knight Riders lead by one point heading into the final round.

The Gambiting Gamblers stayed a point off the lead by beating We Three Kings 2-1. James MacDougall (1947) took care of business on Board 1 defeating Erik Murrah (1677) and was the only board 1 not to be upset. Cody Kyzer (1202) won over Mike Meekins (925) which meant the tense struggle on Board 2 would decide which team stayed a point off the lead. The final game of the night saw both players battling time trouble as Daniel Smith (1364) was left standing when the dust cleared handing Ralph Buske (1468) his first defeat of the tournament.

The Good Guys scored the win over Eighth Rank 2.5-.5. Paul Farb (1935) kept the night of Board 1 upsets going as he defeated Keith Eubanks (2012). Birney Blind (1225) battled to a draw with Paul Lowry (1032) and Richard Watts (1126) scored the win over Jonathan Bundy (104) to secure the match for the Good Guys.

The Patriots bounced back taking the point from King and Two Pawns 2.5-.5. Adam Shaw (1605) upset Paul King (1946) on Board 1 as Steve Boshears (1601) and Russell Thurmond (1600) settled peacefully on Board 2. Christian Dunlap (797) scored the upset win over Mark Acklie (952) to secure the point for the Patriots.

The Board Standings are:

Board 1: Paul Farb 3.5, Ben Caiello 3.0, David Vetterlein & James MacDougall 2.5

Board 2: Ralph Buske & Dan Caiello 3.0, Russell Thurmond 2.5

Board 3: Shiva Bala 4.0, Richard Watts 2.5, Three tied at 2.0

Pairings for Round 5 will be posted at noon on Sunday.

The Final Round is Thursday, Feb 3.

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