Friday, March 4, 2011

Club Championship - Round 2

Twenty eight players compete in Round 2 of the Club Championship with around another ten playing casually and watching the battles rage.

Philipp Lamby (2190) outlasted Edsel Pena (1986) on Board 1 to move to 2-0. Keith Eubanks (2022) defeated Paul King (1924) as Paul Farb (1908) won over George Morton (1728) creating a three way tie at the top. Ben Caiello (1509) scored an upset win over Russell Thurmond (1600), David Boyd (1330) defeated Richard Watts (1129) and Mike Mayfield (1275) escaped with the point from Daniel Smith (1313).

David Vetterlein (1800) broke into the win column with a victory over Dan Caiello (1420) as Adam Shaw (1699) outlasted Cody Kyzer (1252) and Erik Murrah (1691) defeated Shiva Balasubramanian (1236). Steve Boshears (1626) took the point from Birney Blind (1233), Ralph Buske (1452) won over Alex Humphreys (830), Jaime Sanyer (1185) picked up the point over Mark Acklie (952), Mark Woodman (1045) won over Mike Meekins (982) and Christian Dunlap (851) scored the win over visiting G.M. Boykin (1111).

Round 3 with normal pairings is Thursday, March 10.

***Breaking News*** Dan Caiello ties for the SC Scholastic Championship and wins the Denker Trip!!!

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