Monday, March 14, 2011

Eubanks & Farb lead after Three Rounds!!

Twenty eight players battled in Round 3 of the Club Championship and two are left with perfect scores heading into the penultimate round.

Keith Eubanks (2022) upset defending champ Philipp Lamby (2190) and Paul Farb (1908) upset James MacDougall (1993) moving both to 3-0 and setting them up on Board 1 next week.

Paul King (1924) survived against Cody Kyzer (1252) and David Vetterlein (1800) won over Shiva Balasubramanan. Adam Shaw (1699) took the point from Birney Blind (1233), Erik Murrah (1691) scored the win over Jaime Sanyer (1185) and Steve Boshears (1626) defeated Mark Woodman (1045).

David Boyd (1330) settled peacefully with Mike Mayfield (1275) and both lead for the U1605 Trophy with 2 points. Gil Holmes (1805) survived to claim the point from Daniel Smith (1313) while George Morton (1728) took the point from Christian Dunlap (851). Russell Thurmond (1600) won over Richard Watts (1129), Paul Lowry (1060) picked up the point from Alex Humphreys (830) and Jason Arthur (1404) returned and scored the win over Mark Acklie (952). Mike Meekins (982) broke into the win column with a victory over Max Witherell (1110).

Two rounds to go and all six the trophies are still up for grabs! Trophies will be awarded to First, Second, Top U1605, Top U1205 and the Top Jr. Player. Who will claim the hardware??!!

Round 4 will be Thurs, March 17.

The Border Battle between SC & NC will be March 19 & 20 in Charlotte. The Columbia Club is represented by State Champ Philipp Lamby, Expert Keith Eubanks, Class C Daniel Smith & Class D Shiva Balasubramanian. Good Luck Team SC!!

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