Sunday, April 17, 2011

British Bulldog Chess Meetup

Our first meetup on Sat April 16th was great fun and we had around 20 attendees, some new interested minds were opened up to chess along with USCF, ColumbiaChess and memberships.

Throughout the day there were many interested onlookers and some good publicity was created for chess and our wonderful venue,

Officially the meetup and tourney started at 10AM and ended at 5PM, but 8 of us stayed until 11:30 PM playing 2 person teams of alternating move, no consult blitz, which is a great way to expand your chess horizons.

The official tournament had 10 players playing a dual rated Game 60 +5 sec Delay and results can be seen here.

Pictures from the event can be seen here


  1. which is a great way to expand your chess horizons.

  2. Thank you friend for sharing about British Bulldog Chess Meetup and about the chess for beginners. I am actually excited for the official tournament, hopefully it will be a great hit, aiming to be part of it.

  3. He's a master in the game and I followed some of his matches online. Through him, I started playing the Ruy Lopez and successfully too. It's such an effective move right from the beginning.

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