Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eubanks wins Ashland XX!!

Twenty nine players competed in Ashland XX as Keith Eubanks (2076) defeated David Vetterlein (1800) in the final round to take clear first. Adam Shaw (1780) took the point from Paul Farb (1901) to finish in clear second with 3.5 points. Ben Caiello (1615) scored the win over Russell Thurmond (1600) as Dan Caiello (1515) outlasted Steve Boshears (1614).

Craig Patton (1298) defeated Mark Woodman (1152) to secure clear first in the Amateur Section. Mike Mayfield (1308) won over Mike Meekins (914) to take clear second. Richard Watts (1141) defeated Christian Dunlap (924) to score his third straight win. Pani Wickramasinghe (1383) won over Mark Acklie (879) as Birney Blind (1237) defeated Jonathan Bundy (105). Daniel Smith (1343) took the point from James Price (1098) and Max Witherell (1181) defeated Jason LeFebvre (UNR).

The rated tournament is HERE.

Next week, Thursday, May 19 is Casual Night. Come out for some "Stress Free Chess" before the Lee Hyder Memorial next weekend. Around a dozen Cola Chess members are entered at this time. You can register on site either Friday evening 5:00-6:45 or Sat morning 8:30-9:15.

The Award Standings have been updated.

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