Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lamby wins Ashland Quick XXV!!

Twelve players competed in Ashland Quick XXV with Philipp Lamby (2112) taking clear first in the Top Quad posting a perfect 3-0. Adam Shaw (1536) claimed second place scoring two upsets to finish 2-1.

Cody Kyzer (1106) scored three upsets to go 3-0 to win the Middle Quad ahead of Max Witherell (1107) who took clear second at 2 points with two upsets of his own.

Keeping with the theme of the evening, Daniel Smith (1055) went a perfect 3-0 with one upset to take clear first ahead of Christian Dunlap (798) who took second with 2 points scoring an upset of his own.

In a strange evening, all quads finished 3-2-1-0 with a total of 10 upsets!

Next week is Round 1 of Ashland XXI. Registration ends at 7:15. Email, text or call before 7:15. Round starts 7:30.

Two weekend tournaments nearby this month:

Statesville Open June 17-19 - Statesville, NC
SC Open June 24-26 - Greenville, NC

Mark your calendar for the Columbia Open Aug 19-21. $5000 prize fund guaranteed! 40 Grand Prix Points! See tournament page or TLA for full details.

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