Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shaw & Holmes tied after 3 Rounds!

Sixteen players competed in the third round of Ashland XXI. Adam Shaw (1780) claimed Board 1 from Klaus Johnson (1840) to move into first with Gil Holmes (1756) who defeated Erik Murrah (1720) to keep pace. Paul Farb (1901) took the point from George Morton (1726) as Russell Thurmond (1600) defeated Daniel Smith (1343) to round out the Open Section.

In the Amateur Section, Darell Hunt (1112) continued his run toward perfection with a win over Mark Woodman (1152) scoring his third straight upset! Mike Mayfield (1308) was convinced to settle peacefully with Paul Lowry (1177) as Birney Blind (1237) defeated Stephen Barker (UNR). Christian Dunlap (924) won over Megh Testerman (UNR).

Round 3 will be this Thursday, June 23.

The SC Class Championship will be here in Columbia July 9 & 10 (Two weeks away!). Early entry is $50 by July 6. You can enter with Klaus at the club on Thurs nights.

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