Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ashland XXII - Round 3

Twelve players competed in Round 3 of Ashland XXII while another eleven players socialized and played casually.

In the Open Section, Keith Eubanks (2076) won over Paul Farb (1910) to move into first place by .5 point. Ben Caiello (1630) took the point from George Morton (1663). Adam Shaw (1820) was held to a draw by Denker Rep Dan Caiello (1517). Dan is in Orlando now representing SC as the High School Champion in the Denker Tournament. Ralph Buske (1497) broke into the win column by defeating Max Witherell (1178).

Darell Hunt (1308) continued his dominance of the Amateur Section with a win over Nathan Huffaker (UNR) to move to 3-0. Birney Blind (1208) used a stubborn defense to save the draw against Julie Sheil (UNR). Julie has taken over the Chess Players of Augusta. They meet on Saturday's if you're looking for a game on the weekend.

Next week, Aug 4, is Round 4.

Entries are coming in for the Columbia Open. Early entry deadline is Aug 12.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ashland XXII - Round 2

Fourteen players battled in Round 2 of Ashland XXII. Paul Farb (1910) defeated George Morton (1663) to move into clear first with 2 points. Keith Eubanks (2076) took the point from Ben Caiello (1630) as Erik Murrah (1734) scored the win over Gil Holmes (1783). Adam Shaw (1820) outlasted David Boyd (1363) and Dan Caiello (1517) won over Ralph Buske (1497)

In the Amateur Section, Darell Hunt (1308) continued his impressive play with a win over Birney Blind (1208) to share the lead with Richard Watts (1080) who scored the upset over Max Witherell (1178).

Next week, Thursday, July 28 is Round 3.

Early entry deadline for the Columbia Open is Aug 12. Register online or at the club.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Game of the Month 2 and SC Class Spotlight

Our second Game of the Month features two of the clubs strongest opponents facing off in the English Opening. White wins a pawn early on the queen side then with deft Queen maneuvering swoops in for the win on the king side.

Keith Eubanks vs Paul Farb

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The first spotlight game is from round 5 of the SC Class Championships and features a win from the black side of a Grand Prix attack giving Keith Eubanks the SC Expert title.
Donny Gray vs Keith Eubanks
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Our second spotlight game is a fighting draw from Paul Farb in a Modern Benoni vs a very strong opponent in Wayne Christiansen who is rated 200 points higher.
Wayne Christiansen vs Paul Farb
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Thanks to all for sharing your games.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ashland XXII gets underway with 14 players competing

Fourteen players battled in the First Round of Ashland XXII. Paul Farb (1910) scored the win over Ralph Buske (1497). Ben Caiello (1630) outlasted Adam Shaw (1820) in a tough endgame and George Morton (1663) took the point from Dan Caiello (1517).

In the Amateur Section, Darell Hunt (1308) took the first round win over Jaime Sanyer (1163). Mike Mayfield (1281) scored the point over Mark Acklie (913), Birney Blind (1208) took the point from Nathan Huffaker (UNR) and Richard Watts (1080) upset Cody Kyzer (1211).

Round 2 is next week, Thursday, July 21.

The Club Standings have been updated.

The Columbia Open is fast approaching! We expect this to be the largest adult tournament in South Carolina for the third straight year. Be sure to take advantage of the early entry fee of $59. That's $16 off the on site registration fee! You can register with Erik on Thurs evenings or Online.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cola Chess at the SC Class -

The SC Class Championships drew 46 players from five states. Cola Chess was well represented with fourteen club members participating, taking first in two classes and bringing home four of the class trophies and the blitz trophy!

Here are the top performers from the club:

Keith Eubanks - SC Expert Champion
Bob Halliday - SC B Class Champion
Dan Caiello - SC C Class Champion
Darell Hunt - SC E Class Champion on tiebreak.
Richard Watts - tied for first in E Class, gained 59 points

Donny Gray - First Place SC Blitz Championship. Donny lives in GA and wasn't eligible for Trophy.

Edsel Pena - SC Blitz Champion. Won an exciting tie break with Philipp Lamby.

If you didn't go you missed a great tournament! Be sure to mark your calendar for next year.

The full crosstable is HERE.

Next up..... The Columbia Open Aug 19-21.

Friday, July 8, 2011

SC Class - Early Entries

Here is the early entry list for the SC Class this weekend here in Columbia:

First Last July Rating Class
Klaus Pohl 2208 X
Keith Eubanks 2090 X
Donnie Gray 2083 X
Steven Welt 1978 A
Paul Farb 1924 A
Adam Shaw 1796 A
John Yates 1711 B
Robert Halliday 1688 B
George Morton 1661 B
J. Robert Mahan 1547 B
Jayashree Sekar 1498 B
Daniel Smith 1462 B
Daniel Caiello 1517 C
Ralph Buske 1494 C
Richard Hartnett 1473 C
Michael Doyle 1432 C
Richard Thomas 1385 C
David Boyd 1348 C
Craig Patten 1386 D
Robert Woodworth 1246 D
Vignesh Sekar 1088 D
Doug Ragan 1120 E
Darell Hunt 1112 E
Richard Watts 1060 E
Timothy Staley 1038 E
James Dill 984 E
Suhasini Sundar 982 E
Mark Acklie 913 E
Kyle Overton 865 E
Kyle Xiao 0 E

SC Class Championships THIS weekend!!

Around a dozen players dropped by to get in some casual chess before this weekend's SC Class Championships here in Columbia. With Six sections and only a $15 entry fee for Unrated (New) players this is a great tournament for everyone! Don't forget about the SC Blitz Championship Sat night!

Look for Twitter updates over the weekend and the Crosstable should be available.

Full details are at the end.

Due to scheduling around the Columbia weekend tournaments there will be no Quick Tournament. Next week Ashland XXII will begin. There will be two sections, Open & Amateur (U1505), Game 90. There are two changes:

1. The entry fee will be $2 for club members and $5 for non members. This is for all five rounds no matter if you play one or five.

. There will be no prizes.

6 Grand Prix Points

Jul 9 - 10, 2011

South Carolina Class Championship

Columbia, SC

4-SS. Rd 1: G/90, Rds 2-4: 30/90 G/60.
Hilton Garden Inn, 434 Columbiana Dr., Columbia, SC 29212 (803)407-6640.

HR: $89/night, book by 7/1.

6 Sections: Expert (2000+),

A (1800-1999),

B (1600-1799),

C (1400-1599),

D (1200-1399),

E (below 1200).
Players may play up 1 section.
Sections will be combined if less than 6 players.

Unrated may play in any section but are limited to $100 in A, B, and C, and $50 in D and E.

Prizes: $1900 b/50. $280-$120 in Expert, $200-$100 all others, 75% gtd.
Top SC player in each section wins trophy.

EF: $50 if rec d by 7/6. $60 at door.

Discounts: 25% for out-of-state pre-registering w/friend (2 players count as 1 1/2 entries).
Unrated: $15 EF if playing D or E.

Reg.: 8:30-9:30,

Rds.: Sat: 10, 2.
Sun: 10, 4.

Side Event: SC Blitz Champ, Prelim: 5-DSS, top four + ties play in RR final.
EF: $15 for SC Class participants, $25 for others. 75% of Entries returned as prizes.
Rd. 1 starts Sat: 8:00 PM.

Entries: SC Chess Association, 741 Dragoon Dr., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.

SCCA membership req d, OSA.

Chess Magnet School JGP.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Johnson wins Ashland XXI

In the final round of Ashland XXI, fourteen players battled it out in the green and white square arenas.

With intense cogitation, Klaus Johnson(1840) kept Paul Farb's(1901) Bird opening from soaring and secured a draw to claim first place with 3.5 points. George Morton(1726) defeated Russell Thurmond(1600) and Ralph Buske(1492) claimed the point against David Boyd(1319).

In the Amateur section, Darell Hunt(1112) and Paul Lowry(1177) ended on even terms, giving Hunt 4.5 for the tournament, claiming first prize. A stalemate ended Jaime Sanyer(1161) and Birney Blind's(1237) game and Richard Watts(1141) defeated U1000 prize winner Christian Dunlap(924). In an interesting matchup, new member Megh Testerman defeated newer member Stephen Barker, both left in good spirits.

Prize winners for the tourney are:
1st Klaus Johnson
2nd Paul Farb
U1805 Adam Shaw
U1605 Ralph Buske

1st Darell Hunt
2nd Paul Lowry
U1205 Jaime Sanyer
U1000 Christian Dunlap

Congratulations to all prize winners and thanks to all for playing and continuing to improve your game.

People who want to improve should take their defeats as lessons, and endeavor to learn what to avoid in the future. You must also have the courage of your convictions. If you think your move is good, make it. - Jose Capablanca

Next Week Thursday, July 7 is casual night. Come out for a fun night of chess.

The SC Class Championship is July 9-10. You can register with Klaus at the club on Thurs evening.

July 14th will start Ashland XXII, entry fee will be $2 for the whole tournament.