Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ashland XXII - Round 3

Twelve players competed in Round 3 of Ashland XXII while another eleven players socialized and played casually.

In the Open Section, Keith Eubanks (2076) won over Paul Farb (1910) to move into first place by .5 point. Ben Caiello (1630) took the point from George Morton (1663). Adam Shaw (1820) was held to a draw by Denker Rep Dan Caiello (1517). Dan is in Orlando now representing SC as the High School Champion in the Denker Tournament. Ralph Buske (1497) broke into the win column by defeating Max Witherell (1178).

Darell Hunt (1308) continued his dominance of the Amateur Section with a win over Nathan Huffaker (UNR) to move to 3-0. Birney Blind (1208) used a stubborn defense to save the draw against Julie Sheil (UNR). Julie has taken over the Chess Players of Augusta. They meet on Saturday's if you're looking for a game on the weekend.

Next week, Aug 4, is Round 4.

Entries are coming in for the Columbia Open. Early entry deadline is Aug 12.

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