Monday, November 7, 2011

Ashland XXIV Rd 3

Ashland XXIV continued with round 3.  In the Open section,  Ben Caiello(1794) continued his winning ways by defeating Lendel Robinson(1579).  Paul Farb(1900) defeated Cody Kyzer(1312) in a hard fought game.  Daniel Caiello(1540) pulled and upset and won over Erik Murrah(1761).  Adam Shaw(1779) and George Morton(1648) played a hard fought game to eventually end in a draw.  In the longest game of the evening, Chris Labrecque(1354) pulled out the win against Darell Hunt(1336).

In the Amateur section, Shaun McCoy(UNR) defeated Richard Watts(1166) and Mike Meekins(1000) defeated Dillon Webb.  James Doyle(1190) and Jaime Sanyer(1139) drew along with Mark Woodman(1143) and Paul Lowry(1163).  In the final game, Christian Dunlap(938) defeated Richard Jeffcoat(UNR).

Ashland XXIV continues with Round 4 on November 10th.  Call, Email, or text before 7:15pm to make sure you are paired.

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