Saturday, January 21, 2012

B Caiello & Hunt lead Open Section!!

Twenty players mixed it up in Round 3 of Ashland XXV and the top spots in both sections saw changes. B Caiello (1880) took down leader Paul Farb (1946) to claim the top spot along with Darell Hunt (1387) who defeated D Caiello (1575). James MacDougall (2009) took the point from Gil Holmes (1804) and Daniel Smith (1513) crashed through and secured the poiint from Ralph Buske (1501). Erik Murrah (1708) and Lendel Robinson (1628) finally agreed to settle peacefully in the evening's longest game.

In the Amateur Section, Ron Tims (1389) took the point and the top spot from Richard Watts (1230) as Mike Mayfield (1300) secured the point over Jaime Sanyer (1219) to create a tie for first. Birney Blind (1177) used a well timed strike to snatch the point from Shaun McCoy (1285), Ron Labrecque (1063) secured the point from Mike Meekins (986) and Kenneth Cross (651) ground out the win over Christian Dunlap (984).

Round 4 is Thursday, Jan 27.

The second round of the first Evans Weekly Rapids is Monday evening, Jan 23.

The 25th Land of the Sky is coming up Jan 27-29 in Asheville, NC. The pre registration list is available HERE.

The World's Best are playing in the Tata Steel Chess Tournament held in Wijk aan Zee thru Jan 29. Gata Kamsky and Hikaru Nakamura from the U.S. are competing. After five rounds, World #1 Magnus Carlsen and #2 Levon Aronian are at the top of the Crosstable.

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