Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Price & Plyler win the Beginner's Tournaments!

Ten players participated in the Beginner’s tournament with six new players joining and one returning to rated play. 

James Price (1111) won the free entry to the Columbia Open for the early tournament after defeating Drew Plyler (1043) in the final round, then winning the tie break game with Jared Whiting (UNR) after both finished with 4 points after five rounds. 

Drew Plyler (1043) cruised to the late tournament win and free entry to the CO scoring 4.5 points. Jared Whiting (UNR) finished second.

Chess will be available at the library on most Mondays from 6-8:30. Check the Club Calendar.

The final results are HERE.

This Thursday is Round 4 of Ashland XXVIII. Register by 7:15, Round starts at 7:30.

Deadline date for early entry into the Columbia Open is Aug 9, ONE week from THIS Thursday! Don't miss out on the $59 early entry to save $16 off the regular entry price of $75. You can register online and see who's entered on the Columbia Open page.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Ashland XXVIII Round 3

If you weren't in attendance for Round 3 of Ashland XXVIII you missed out a great night of chess.

Winners in the Open Section were Ben Caiello(1927), Lendel Robinson(1767), Ethan Winter(1807), and Daniel Caiello(1626).  With 2.5 points each, a showdown between co-leaders Ben Caiello and Lendel Robinson is eminent.

In the Amateur section James Price(1111), Birney Blind(1202), and Josh Lewer(1198) all claimed points.  James Price is in the lead by a point and a half, Who will catch him?

Early entry rate of $59 for the Columbia Open ends August 9th.  Get your entries in early and save.

Round 4 is August 2nd.  Call or text your entries before 7:15 to be counted.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beginner's tournament heading into final round!

After four rounds in the early St Andrews Regional Library Beginner's Tournament, James Price (1111) and Drew Plyler (1043) are tied for first with 3.0 points setting up a final round showdown to decide the tournament winner. Mike Jumper (225) and Anthony Young (UNR) are tied for third with 2.0 points each.

Drew Plyler outlasted James Price to win the late tournament with 3.5 points with one round still to play! Drew wins a free entry into the Columbia Open Aug 17-19! Jared Whiting (UNR) sits in second place with 2 points.

The final round will be Monday, July 30.

Round 3 of Ashland XXVIII is this Thursday, July 26.

Early entries are coming for the Columbia Open. Early entry fee of $59 ends Aug 9. Be sure to register early to take advantage of the $16 discount!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ashland XXVIII Round2 Shaw, Price in the lead

There was strong tension in the air during Round 2 of Ashland XXVIII, with all games still going after the halfway mark of 90 mins.

In the Open section, Adam Shaw(1789) defended his 1st place standing against a worthy adversary in Mike Mayfield(1393). In a tough battle, Ben Caiello(1927) claimed the win with the black pices against George Morton(1623). Lendel Robinson(1767) continued his winning ways against Ron Hinds(1582). David Boyd(1487) and Daniel Caiello(1626) battled it out until David found a fork on Daniel's Rook and King, and eventually claiming the point. Erik Murrah(1693) returned to his wining ways by defeating swashbuckling Ralph "Buccanneer" Buske(1453).

In the Amateur section, James Price(1111) defeated Richard Watts(1309), continuing his winning streak to 5 games since returning to the club and moving into first place of the section with two points. In the last game to finish and arguably toughest battle, Julie Sheil(1104) and Mark Woodman(1103) both had less than 5 minutes on the clock in a even but tense position. As tiem continued to dwindle for both players, Mark snatched a pawn and Julie centralized he Queen, it was Julie who won a rook and then finished with a mate with Mark's King in the middle of the board.  A very exciting finish and tough battle for both players!

In the skittles room, Masters from out of town, Stephen Welt from the Charleston Chess Club and Evan Rabin from NY played blitz with regular Craig Johnson and others.
Come join in the fun for Round 3 on Thursday,July 26th. Call, text, or email your entries before 7:15pm to be sure you are paired.

The Beginners Tourney continues on Monday at the St. Andrews Library.

The Columbia Open is August 17-19th at the Hilton Garden Inn Harbison. This year there are four sections: Open, U2000, U1600, and U1200 which allow everyone to play for the section win. This tournament is Columbia's premier event and at $59 pre-entry rate is a steal for the quality of competition. If you haven't registered hurry and do so before the low rate and fun pass you by.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Plyler leads the late Beginner Tournament after 3 Rounds!!

Nine players are now competing in the early Beginner's Tournament at the St Andrews Regional Library. James Price (1111), Drew Plyler (1043) and Anthony Young (UNR) are all tied at the top with 2 points each after three rounds.

In the late tournament with eight players competing, Drew Plyler (1043) continues to lead with 2.5 points after Andrew Manion (1023) pulled a Houdini and miraculously saved the half point to stay in second place, 1 point behind.

The Penultimate Round will be Monday, July 23. Early round at 6:30, late round starts at 7:45. If you missed the first 3 rounds you can still join the tournament and get a couple rated games!

Round 2 of Ashland XXVIII is this Thursday, July 19 at the church. This is your last chance to get ready or knock the rust off before the Columbia Open Aug 17-19!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ashland XXVIII and other news

Ashland XXVIII began with a bang on Thursday with white claiming the victory in every game.  Adam ShawMike Mayfield and James Price jumped to early leads in the tournament with a crowd of others striving for the lead.  As rated games finished, post game analysis and chaos blitz chess fun was a-plenty in the skittles room.  If you weren't at the Columbia Chess Club for round 1 you missed out on a ton of fun.
Round 2 is July 19th, Call, email or text your entry before 7:15pm.

A few of our players are deserving of some overdue recognition, Christian Dunlap has reached his highest rating ever of 1104(currently unpublished), Lendel Robinson is playing great chess and up to his highest rating as well and knocking on the 1800 door.   Adam Shaw has pushed his rating to a new high of 1860 and also runs the CRSA club in the Augusta Aiken area.  Ben Caiello has reached a new high of 1928 and continues to improve.  Daniel Caiello is a new rating high of 1635 and is preparing to start college in August.  We will definitely miss Daniel once he heads to University life.  Congratulations to Gil Holmes on the birth of his new baby. He is dangerously close to a 1900 rating.   

Some notes to add to your schedule are:
Beginner's Tournament at St. Andrews Regional Library runs through July 30th.
Ashland XXVIII will run through August 9th
August 16th will be a casual night and a presentation and either a simul or IM vs IM consultation game will occur.

Columbia Open August 17-19th  in Columbia at the Hilton Garden Inn Harbison.  
Ashland Rapid September 15th at Ashland United Methodist Church.

Many of our regulars know of the recent passing of our beloved friend Paul Lowry.  He was a fierce chess warrior, firefighter, poet and great friend.  He loved chess and all of his friends at the chess club.  I only knew Paul for three years but he has left a lasting impression on myself and countless others.
A few days before his passing I had the opportunity to have one of our wonderful eclectic talks.  He was very sick, bedridden, in pain but very much in high spirits and as brilliant as ever.  We discussed authors, writing, life, death and among other things chess.

The last piece of advice Paul shared with me was

"In life and in chess, dont create barriers for yourself, others will do that for you. Play your own game."  
Paul Michael Lowry

 I will miss our conversations.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

After two rounds in the Beginner's Tournaments....

In the early Beginner's Tournament at the St Andrews Regional library, Four players are tied with 1 point, Drew Plyler (1043), Andrew Manion (1023), Rod Franco (UNR) and Anthony Young (UNR).

Drew Plyler (1043) has grabbed the lead in the late tournament standing alone at the top with 2 points!

You can still enter the tournament beginning in round 3 if you want! First prize is FREE entry into the Columbia Open!

Round 3 will be Monday, July 16. Full details are HERE.

Casual play is available for those not wanting to play in the tournament. Come out and play!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

St. Andrews Regional Library Beginner's Open Underway!

The Beginner's Open started this week for new players and USCF rated under 1200.

Rod Franco (UNR) took the full point and the early lead in the 6:30 tournament scoring a first round win in his first rated game.

In the late round, Drew Plyler (1043) and Anthony Young (UNR) scored wins to take the early lead.

If you missed the first round you can still register to play the remaining rounds. Current USCF members recieve free entry into this tournament! New players can join on site with memberships starting at $15 for Adults, lower for scholastic players.

First prize in each tournament is a FREE entry into the Columbia Open.

Full details are HERE

Round 2 will be Monday, July 9. Early round starts at 6:30, late round begins at 7:45. Come out and play!