Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ashland XXIX rd2 Ashland XXIX rd 2

Eighteen Players came out to battle in Round 2 of Ashland XXIX.

In the Open section, Ben Caiello(1928) continued his winning ways by defeating tough competitor, George Morton(1582).  On board 2, Ethan Winter(1811) made good use of his time and defeated a crafter player in Chris Labrecque(1574).  Erik Murrah(1693) defeated Lendel Robinson(1767) to continue his non-losing streak to six games.  Ron Hinds(1564) and Ralph Buske(1450) agreed to disagree and agreed to a draw.

In the Amateur section, Max Witherell(1162) defeated Richard Watts(1289) to move into a share of the lead with 2 points.  Co-Leader Andrew Manion(1023) defeated Birney Blind(1273) to keep pace with Witherell.
Jaime Sanyer(1175) and James Price(1111) fought hard but ended the game in a draw and in the evenings longest game Christian Dunlap(1104) and Mark Woodman(1103) played it down to a rook pawn and Kings.  Woodman easly held the draw at that point.

In the Johnson-Shaw match, round two was an interesting French Defense by Shaw which ended in a draw after all but four pawns each came off.  In round 3, Shaw has the white pieces.

Round 3 continues the tournament on Sept. 13th.  Call or Text your entries before 7:15pm to be paired.

Sept. 15th is the Ashland Rapid tournament where  you can play up to 4 games of G45 for only $6!

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