Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ashland XXIX Round 3 Caiello and Manion in the lead

Yessir, An explosive evening it was for Ashland XXIX round 3.

In the Open Section, Ben Caiello(1923), the sole winner of the night with the white pieces, moved to 3 points with a win over Erik Murrah. Gil Holmes(1862), with the dark pieces, defeated Chris Labrecque.

In the Amateur section, Andrew Manion(1023) defeated Max Witherell to move into the lead with 2 points. Richard Watts(1289) defeated James Price and Birney Blind(1273) defeated Mark Woodman. In the first game to finish Christian Dunlap and James Doyle, agreed to a draw.

Round four continues the tourney on Sept. 20th. Call or Text your entries before 7:15pm to be counted. Sept 27th is the Chess/Economics experiment with the University of South Carolina Economics department and IM Alexander Matros and Round 5 wraps up the tournament on Oct 4th.

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