Sunday, March 31, 2013

Checkmate for Charity - April 3 - UPDATED

Klaus played eleven games posting a score of 9-0-2! The event was covered by local media also! Thanks to everyone that came out to help make this a success! 

ABC 25
FOX 57

On Wednesday April 3 at the St Andrews Regional Library club member Klaus Johnson will be playing chess for Harvest Hope. For a $5 donation/board you can play Klaus in a simul. Klaus will be playing up to 12 players at once and it's free for spectators.

You can arrive as early as 5:00pm and play will begin when 10 players are seated or 6:00, whichever comes first. Sets will be provided.

Klaus has been an active member of the club since moving here in 2010 to attend Law School. While his availability to play has been limited because of his studies he has still been very active in the club providing input into promotional ideas and tournament formats to help move chess forward in this area. He has served as TD in some of the area's largest events and organized what we believe to be the first SC Class tournament in 2011. He also managed to gain his Senior TD Certification making him SC's only Sr Director!

Please come out and support Klaus! He has done a lot of work behind the scenes for SC Chess and is a valuable member of the chess community!!

This is sponsored by the Pro Bono Program, Richland Library St Andrews & the Columbia Chess Club.

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