Saturday, February 28, 2015

Club Championship Underway

Almost as many players requested 1st Round byes as played in the round in the 2015 version of the Columbia Chess Club Championship with 10 players stepping up to compete and march towards claiming the title.  Current cross-table can be viewed here.

On board 1, current Club Champion Ben Caiello(2115) craftily took the victory against a resilient Ian Bell(1588) to start his defense of the title.  The battle decided was the trending 6. h3 line(Adams Attack) against the Sicilian Najdorf.

Check out the board 1 fireworks.

On board 2, Ron Tims(1459) returned to rated play but faced a tough opponent in previous club champion and perpetual powerhouse Keith Eubanks(2069).  Eubanks claimed the victory stating his case for the 2015 title.

In a well played and hard fought game Robert Folts(1735) and Richard "Kilo" Watts(1257) played it to a draw, agreeing to disagree and saving a decisive decision to another day.

Joshua"I don't play Hockey" Goley(1190) defeated Jared "Not from Subway" Whiting(1045) to claim the point and moving into third place.

In the longest game and highest number board Marty Anderson(1139) and Mark Woodman(995) fought hard into the night until a miscue broke the tension leaving "Mr. Anderson" on top.

Round 2 promises to be a barn burner on March 5 with others stepping back into the action to try and dethrone Caiello and Eubanks.

Call, email, or text your entry by 7:15 pm on Thursday to be counted.

Make sure you cheer on Ben Caiello and Ian Bell as they compete in the SC State Scholastic tournament in Mt. Pleasant,SC this weekend.  Caiello again defends his title, this time of SC State Scholastic champion.

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To start the topic: What is your favorite opening to play?  Do you have one?

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