Friday, March 13, 2015

Round 3, A most exciting Round!

The winner of the game is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake. - S. Tartakower

Eighteen members suited up for battle over the board in Round 3 of the Columbia Chess Club Championship while a handful gathered in the skittles room for blitz and to watch and kibitz about the fireworks.   Full crosstable here

On Board 1, the leaders matched up in what turned out to be one of the most exciting games the club has seen in a while, arguably ever.  Ben Caiello(2115) and Keith Eubanks(2069) started a quiet with a quiet Pirc opening and finished with a tactical flurry of piece sacrifices.  When the smoke cleared Caiello claimed the point after sacrificing no less than both rooks and a promoted queen and Eubanks giving up a bishop and a Queen!  With so much carnage, spectators were taking cover to avoid being collateral damage.

Board 1 Slugfest

On Board 2, Gil Holmes(1739) pulled a huge upset by defeating Sam Copeland(2303).  The game was an Alekhine's Defense by Copeland and Holmes created two Octopus Knights deep in enemy territory.
Board 2

Board 3 hosted James MacDougall(2017) against Adam Shaw's(1879) French Defense. MacDougall took home the point after pulling another one from his bag of tricks.  His choice was a Larsen type setup with 2.b3  and later following up with g4?! and h4.  An interesting setup to the bastion of the French Defense.
Board 3

Ian Bell(1588) took down Marty Anderson(1139), Shaun McCoy(1382) defeated Jared Whiting(1045) and Brandon Jordan(1648) returned to the board to defeat David Stoner(1643).

Richard Watts(1257) grabbed a piece for a pawn then battened down the hatches to hang on against Ron Tims(1459) initiative.

After a bare knuckle donnybrook erupted for majority of the round, Ed Stewart(949) and Birney Blind(1106) drew and agreed to settle it another day.

Although not the tactical melee as board 1, the Mark Woodman(995)- Josh Goley(1190) brewhaha on board 6 was just as exciting.  A play by play man might say, Woodman mate threat, Goley to 1 second on the clock finds only move.  Oh my! Woodman mate threat Goley down to 1 second on the clock finds only move.  Woodman moved to remove only defender and allows Goley counter play with checks. In the end Goley promted a pawn and then gobbled up Woodman's remaining pawn before executing fine technique leading to mate.

Current leaders after 3 rounds
Ben Caiello 3 points. James MacDougall and Gil Holmes 2.5 points.
U1600 Ian Bell, Shaun McCoy 2 points Richard Watts 1.5
U1200 Josh Goley 2 points, Marty Anderson, Jared Whiting, and Mark Woodman, Ed Stewart with 1 point.

The Champion is still to be decided with 2 more rounds and some interesting match ups to be played.
Join the fun in Round 4 on March 19. Reserve your spot by 7:15 pm to be counted.

Chess is a matter of delicate judgement, knowing when to punch and how to duck. - Robert J. Fischer  

A passed pawn increase in strength as the number of pieces on the board diminishes. - J. R. Capablanca


  1. Corrected Score: Holmes-Copeland
    14)... QxBb6
    15)0-0 Bg4
    16)Nb5 Ne5
    17)NxNe5 BxBe2
    18)Qd5+ Kh8
    19)Nxd6 Bf6
    20)Rfe1 Bh5
    21)Nd7 Qb4
    22)NxRf8 RxNf8
    23)Ne4 Bg7
    24)Qc5 QxQc5
    25)NxQc5 Bd4
    26)Ne6 Resigns

    -Gil Holmes