Saturday, March 21, 2015

Round 4 Little room for Error

Drawn games are sometimes more scintillating than any conclusive contest. - S. Tartakower

Twelve players competed in Round 4 of the Columbia Chess Club Championship.  Leader Ben Caiello and Gil Homes had requested byes which allowed a little ground to be claimed by the pack of wolves following closely.

On board 1, familiar foes Keith Eubanks and James MacDougall paired off and played a highly competitive game as both were still in the hunt for the Championship.
Board 1 Game

On board 2, Ian Bell and Sam Copeland played a French.  Board 3 matched Adam Shaw and Robert Folts against each other.  The top 3 boards all ended in draws after much maneuvering and thought.

On the other three boards, the Black side claimed the point in each.
Mark Woodman claimed the point from Ed Stewart.

Richard Watts defeated Jared Whiting and David Stoner claimed victory against Birney Blind in a very tight contest.

After round 4 Ben Caiello is atop the tournament with 3.5 points.  James MacDougall is in sole second place with 3 points, which will setup an exciting 5th round battle between the two.  Can James MacDougall claim the point and the title?  Ben Caiello clinches with a Win or a Draw.

Five players follow with 2.5 points.

Leaders for the U1600 prize are Ian Bell and Richard Watts with 2.5 points
Josh Goley, 2.5 points, is in the lead for the U1200 award with Mark Woodman in second with 2 points.

Full Crosstable is here

It should be a very exciting Round 5 on March 26th.  Confirm your entries by 7:15 to be counted.

No club meeting on April 2nd.

Haste is never more dangerous than when you feel that victory is in your grasp.-Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

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