The Columbia Chess Club crowns its Champion each spring. 2004 SC State Champion
Keith Eubanks won the inaugural club championship in 2008 besting a field of 20 players .
In 2009 the Championship grew in both strength and numbers as five expert strength
players competed in the field of 30. 2008 SC State Champion
Philipp Lamby took home the
big trophy in 2009 and successfully defended his title in 2010.
Eubanks reclaimed the Title
in 2011and successfully defended it in 2012..

The Championship also awards trophies to the Top Jr. Player (D. Dodds '08 & '09, Dunlap
'10, Witherell '11, D Caiello '12), Top U1600 (Fredericks '08, Wilson '09, Buske '10. Blind
'11, C Labrecque '12) and the Top Unr (C. LaMarche '09) or Top U1200 (Meekins '10, Lowry
'11, Dean '12)
2008-2012 Champs

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