These materials can be checked out by Cola Club members. To check an item out send me an email request and it will be brought to the next Thursday evening meeting. The name of the club member that has checked an item out will be posted by the item. Please post reviews or comments on the Discussion Board . Donations to the Library appreciated.

Title Author Format Available
21st Century Secret Weapons Pt1 IM Andrew Martin VHS MacDougall
21st Century Secret Weapons Pt2 IM Andrew Martin VHS MacDougall
500 Master Games of Chess Tartakower & DuMont Book Y
Accelerated Dragon Assault IM Andrew Martin VHS Y
The Amateurs Mind Jeremy Silman Book Y
Anti-Flank Openings-Foxy Openings IM Andrew Martin VHS MacDougall
The Art of Planning in Chess Neil McDonald Book Y
Best Lessons of a Chess Coach Sunil Weeramantry Book Y
Black is OK! Andras Adorjan Book Y
Black is still OK! Andras Adorjan Book Y
Black is OK Forever! Andras Adorjan Book Y
Chess Starts Here! Josh Waitzkin & Bruce Pandolfini DVD Y
Chess Strategy Edward Lasker Book Y
Chess: the art of logical thinking Neil McDonald Book Y
Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player GM Sam Palatnik & GM Lev Alburt Book Y
Chess World Title Contenders and Their Styles Danny Kopec & Craig Pritchett Book Y
A Complete Defense to 1. d4 GM Jon Levitt VHS MacDougall Danger in Chess – How to avoid Making Blunders Amatzia Avni Book Y
Fighting Chess DVD Series: Combat Chess: Volume 1 – Ten Lethal Weapons GM Julian Hodgson DVD Y
Fighting Chess DVD Series: Dirty Tricks Part 1 GM Nigel Davies DVD Y
Garry Kasparov My Story Part 1 DVD Y How Good is Your Chess? Daniel King Book Y
How to Analyze a Chess Position IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD/VHS Y
How to Visualize Chess Combinations IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD Y
Just the Facts! GM Lev Alburt & GM Nikolay Krogius Book Y
The King's Gambit IM Andrew Martin VHS Y The Kopec System IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD Y
The Mammoth Book of The World's Greatest Chess Games Burgess, Nunn & Emms Book Y Mastering the Sicilian Danny Kopec Book Y
Middlegame Pawn Play for Mate IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD Y
My System Aron Nimzowitsch Book Y
Modern Endgame Practice Beliavsky & Mikhalchishin Book Y
Opening Pawn Structures Advanced Concepts – Volume I IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD Y
Opening Pawn Structures Advanced Concepts – Volume II IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD Y Pawn Structures & How to Play Them IM Dr. Danny Kopec DVD Y
Rapid Chess Improvement Michael de la Maza Book Y
How to: Reasses Your Chess Jeremy Silman Book Y
Silman's Complete Endgame Course Jeremy Silman Book Y
Speed Chess Superblitz Knockout Championship: Qualifying Stage Maurice Ashley DVD Y Strangling the Sicilian with 2.d3! GM Nigel Davies VHS Y
Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess IM Danny Kopec & NM Hal Terrie Book Y
The Untamed Chigorin GM Nigel Davies VHS Y
Understanding Pawn Play in Chess Drazen Marovic Book Y
Winning Chess Tactics Yasser Seirawan Book Y
Winning Chess Openings Yasser Seirawan Book Tate 5/13

Library made possible by contributions from: Tom Haggard
Adam Shaw Ralph Buske Richard Watts Mike Sheedy Jason Robinson James MacDougall David Grimaud Bob Halliday


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