Lowry Grand Prix Series

(In memory of our friend Paul)

The LGP is named in memory of Paul Lowry. Paul was a regular and friendly presence at
the club who was always willing to play a casual game or share one of his entertaining
stories. He greeted new players and made them feel welcome. Paul enjoyed a good battle
across the board but was wise enough to know it's just a game.

Play well, fight hard and most of all have fun!   The LGP is a series of six, one day tournaments held in Columbia & Augusta. These are
two section, Open & U1505, three round swiss tournaments. Time control is G65 +5s delay.
Entry fee is $5 each tournament for Cola & CSRA club members, $10 for non members.
There are no tournament prizes, but players will accumulate points and series prizes will be
awarded after the final tournament Dec 28 in Augusta. Standings will be by total points
regardless of section played. There are no section prizes.

80% of entry fees will go into the prize fund.
1st = 30% of prize fund + trophy
2nd = 25%
3rd = 20%
4th = 15%
5th = 10%

Players will accumulate series points as follows:

1 point for each paid entry. (e.g. play in three tournaments, receive 3 participation
points, one for each tournament)
3 points for each game win.
1 point for each game drawn.
0 points for each game lost.
5 bonus points for each clear first in a section.
2 bonus points for each section first place tie.
No points awarded for byes or extra games.

See Flyer for registration & round times.
Tournament Dates: Feb 23 - Columbia - Completed Apr 27 - Evans, Ga - Completed Jun 29 - Columbia - Completed Aug 24 - Evans, Ga
Oct 26 - Columbia
Dec 28 - Evans, Ga

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